Wednesday Wobble

“Not on a school night!”

When you decide that there is more to life than a Wednesday Wobble, or is that just something ‘older’ people say?!. “Wednesday Wobble” that’s what I used to call it back in the day when off to the pub/club I would trot with my girly gang! “Not on a school night” was not in my vocab and worrying about how I was gonna get home, didn’t even enter my head until it was time to actually go home! Minnies was the place to be and that was where we were! Dancing and drinking, having fun without a care in the world! 💃

Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t reckless. I always made sure I had enough cash in my pocket, a coat in the Winter and a few taxi business cards shoved in my purse. That was about as far as the pre-planning of this weekly event would stretch (as well as the truth in that last statement!) ☎️

When you decide that there is more to life than a Wednesday Wobble, or is that just something 'older' people say?!

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Fast Forward

Fast forward 15 years and making it past 11 p.m. is an event in itself! I can’t think of anything worse than being the wrong side of 5 gin and tonics, freezing cold, feet aching, standing on ‘the square’ preying for a taxi urggh my idea of hell! Curry and chips from Martins Chippy was the only thing keeping me warm back then and this post-event ritual kept us coming back for more! 🍟


Those certainly were the days but they are firmly in the past now where they belong! Great memories but I am now a fully grown-up adult doing adulty things don’t you know! For example, going to bed at a reasonable hour so that I am fresh for my yoga session in the morning, focusing fully on my business and my future, not drinking during the week, balancing my books rather than wasting my cash and avoiding toxic people like the plague! The list goes on and on! 💰

When you decide that there is more to life than a Wednesday Wobble, or is that just something 'older' people say?! Yoga on the beach
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Pay the price

The fact is, that we all go through ‘a phase’ of going out, partying, having fun and overindulging…don’t we?? OK maybe not ALL people experience this but EVERYONE I knew was. So I believed that the friendships would last forever, they didn’t. I hoped that I would stay skinny, I didn’t. I thought that this was my reward for working hard every week, it wasn’t! Eventually, I understood that health & well being is everything or pay the ultimate price…which is different for everybody I guess! 😳

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Growing up

An abusive ex was all the excuse I needed to get my glad rags on and get out the door but there are more important things to do with my time and money now! Spending time with my loved ones. Being outside in nature. Thinking clearly. Making sensible decisions that serve me. Deciding that there is more to life than a “Wednesday Wobble!” like oh I don’t know…a good book (a rarely have time to read so maybe not the best example), a chick flick or an early night…its called ‘growing up’ isn’t it?! Oh well, I suppose it had to happen eventually! ❤️

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