Rise of the Freelancer

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Today is National Freelancers Day (Thursday 18th June 2020) and I am therefore highlighting 10 reasons below why joining their ranks in 2018, was the best decision I have ever made in my life! 🙏

1.  I am the boss – I am in charge of my own destiny and there is no feeling like that one, particularly at my age (don’t ask)! 🐝

2.  Work/life balance – I am responsible for my work/social calendar so I decide when I work and when I play – BOOM! 😎

3.  Finances – I keep a hawk like eye on the bottom line using systems like this one – it’s also helped me to achieve a profit in my 1st full year as a freelance VA! 🎖

You need a budget (YNAB) – click the image to visit their website

4.  Clients – I choose to work with people who I jive with and who share the same value systems as me – it’s that simple really 😍

5.  Flexibility – I have total flexibility without asking for permission from anyone and who knows when something will crop up…I don’t! 🙄

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6.  Mental Health – My mental health has improved massively since going it alone and I put that down to my environment and the 9 other reasons in this list! 🥳

CREDIT OREGONSTATE.EDU – click the image to visit the website from whence this came (2015)

7.  Environment – My home office has a big desk, a comfortable chair, a wifi printer and a lap-top. That’s all I need (well apart from the odd coffee) 🌼

Photo by Minh Pham on Unsplash

8.  Variety – Every day is different and I wouldn’t change it for the world! Talking of the world…when this crisis is over, I intend to go out into it and take my business with me! ☕️

9.  Commuting – Home working, limited travel, reduced car expenses, reduced carbon footprint, less early starts and less stress…sounds like a recipe for success to me! 🙏

10.  Systems – I have successfully used Invoice Ninja (which is designed specifically for freelancers) to e-invoice & track in real-time the financial performance of my business for 3 years (2020). I have set it up to send out automatic reminders, which keeps my cashflow and the relationships with my clients very healthy indeed 🏆  

Invoice Ninja
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If you are considering this path or have any questions around being a freelancer or a VA, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – amanda@va4biz.co.uk.

In the mean-time, if you are employed or otherwise, I truly hope your situation is a positive one and if its not, that you have hope things will improve during this global crisis!

Thanks for reading – all the best! Amanda xx

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